Rent For a Day, Rent For a Month, or Rent 2 Own!

Instantly Learn How to Improve Your Credit

Basic Principles

  • Your income must be able to support your payment
  • Your credit problems must be behind you
  • You must be committed to improving your credit score

Here are some frequently asked questions about credit scores and reports.

1) Is my credit report always 100% accurate?

No. In fact about 80% of consumers have inaccuracies on their credit report

2) Does your credit score affect your interest rate?

Yes. Credit scores can range from 350 to 850. The higher the credit score, the lower your interest rate.

3) Is Rent-2-Own available on both new and used cars?

YES. That's the beauty of 866-Rent-2-Own. Each plan is customized to your needs and budget.

4) Is there a minimum credit score required for 866-Rent-2-Own?

No. There is no credit score requirement. Your job, your ability to make timely payments and the commitment to improve your credit are all that's needed.

5) Will the rental payments improve my credit score?

No. The rental payments alone will not improve your credit score, but 99% of customers who work with the credit restoration company will improve their credit score. Also, if you sign up for our pre-paid debit card, and use it to make your monthly car rental or any other recurring monthly charge, it may help you add positive items to your credit bureau.

6) Do I need to provide my own car insurance?

a. No, if you are listed on a current insurance policy with full coverage insurance. Call your agent to confirm that renting and automobile is covered on your plan.

b. Yes, if you do not currently have full coverage insurance, then our dealership needs to be listed as loss payee.

c. If there is no available insurance coverage, you may be subject to a monthly rental surcharge.

How does the 866-Rent-2-Own program work?

Here is some information about how our 866-Rent-2-Own program works.

1) Pay a fully refundable $700 "good-faith deposit" to purchase an automobile. (Subject to satisfactory financial arrangement).

2) You will then enter into a pre-paid month-to-month auto rental agreement.

3) For "no charge," you will be referred to the industry's leading company in credit restoration, who will work with you over the next 2 to 6 months to improve your credit profile. When your credit score improves to the point where we can obtain a conventional auto loan, you will simply come back to the dealership and transition to a conventional auto loan.

4) When this transition is complete, your $700 good-faith deposit, as well as any additional monies that have been pre-agreed upon, will be used as part of your down payment.

5) If we cannot complete the transition to a conventional auto loan, your $700 is fully refundable.