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Basic Principles

  • Your income must be able to support your payment
  • Your credit problems must be behind you
  • You must be committed to improving your credit score

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I graduated!

by Pattie from New Jersey | February 19, 2013

In September 2012, I needed a car and badly. But, I always had a difficult time. I couldn't just go to a dealer and sign for a car. Even used! I always either needed a lot of money down, a co-signer, or both. When I heard of 866 Rent 2 Own, I looked into it and then went for a visit. Terry explained the process to me and my husband. We discussed what would be able to afford on a monthly basis. Terry showed us around the lot and took his time. They looked for cars for us with low miles that would be affordable. In the end, we left with a nice PT Cruiser. Every month, we were diligent about paying on time. They put us in with a debt education program that would help us clean up our credit. They took car of any kind of repairs or maintainence, which was just a oil change here and there at no cost to us. By February, We were ready to graduate! With 2500 saved up through their program, they put us in a car load we could afford that was $60 less then what they told us to expect. They were great through the process and so considerate. I have never been to an auto group who were concerned with my situation and getting me into a car I could afford. Usually it was more like "oh you dont have the down payment or the credit? have a nice day." Terry and the rest of the team were interested in lifting me up aside from just selling me a car. They really went above and beyond. I am grateful to have meet them all and I will exclusively buy from them in the future.



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Best Program & People to work with!!!

by Susan Winston from Red Bank,NJ | February 13, 2013

I want to thank Michelle,Helene,Mercedes,Sonya & Theresa you all helped me when I was really about to give up on getting a good reliable car. I went to a regular showroom and was told I had to come up with a huge down payment before any bank would even consider giving me a loan and was treated like I was nothing. My best friend told me she went through the rent to own program and to speak with Michelle or Helene. I called Michelle crying, she told me to come down and she'd help me. She sat with me and went over the program and made sure it was something I could afford and next thing I knew I had a car. The past 6 months have been great I have a car and the staff has been so wonderful, I feel like your all family now. I would highly recommend this process to anyone who thinks they can't buy a good car because they have bad credit. These ladies are the nicest, most hard working people and if they can't help you no one can. I'd also like to thank Jay in the service department, anytime I had an issue he went out of his way to make sure my car was taken care of, and he always did it with a smile...thanks Jay you ROCK!!! Not only did I gain a car I feel like I gained a whole other family.....Thank you everyone you REALLY changed my life for the better and I will always be grateful to you.


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My experance at Sanson's Jr Auto Mall




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The Right Dealer at the Right Time

by Rudy Thompson from Brooklyn, NY | February 1, 2013

I will like to express my appreciation to the members of the Sansone Jr's from Keyport, Neptune, NJ facilities for making my experience as pleasant as possible during my transition for ownership. The representatives; Mercedes, Sonia, Helene, Theresa, Joe, and Terry provided me with the finest service in making a smooth transition towards owning a new vehicle. Sansone Jr's was the right place for me because the traditional process had become very cumbersome and results made us very desperate. In our pursuit in acquiring a vehicle timing is the essence for many things. The credit crunch and finances for college and school tuition and regular day to day living can be quite much. My experience as a sport official during the fall (football season) it is vital to have transportation to get to each assignment. I thank the Sansone's team for averting the stress that comes when transportation is necessary. Most importantly, the advice and information to correct my credit issues were handled very well by their office and as time went on renting and caring for the vehicle. My family became more confident and enjoyed the opportunity in riding in our select vehicle and can't wait to see it coming around the corner where we live to catch the express to their activities. On the behalf of the Sansone's team that provided me with a positive experience for the last six month's my family thanks them and I will be lining up many friends to check out my experience with this company so they may fulfill the dreams and aspirations in purchasing a vehicle.



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Impressed with Sansone Jr's Team

by Dana Hopkins from Barnegat, NJ | January 7, 2013

I wish to thank the team at Sansone Jr's Rent to Own and specifically wish to thank Mercedes and Helene for help with the overall process. In the best of times buying a car can sometimes be a stressful situation but Mercedes made the process a pleasant experience. I admitt I did not have the best hopes when I first arrived at Sanson Jr's in Neptune. Due to some financial issues my credit had suffered and I did not feel I would be able to qualify for the Rent to Own Program. I met with Mercedes and after reviewing my situation assured me I was an ideal candidate for the program. That day a left with a great car that met my needs. During the entire process the Sansone team has been a pleasure to work with and I can not recommend them enough. I work in an industry where customer service is a key to success so I know the importance of treating your customers with respect, compassion and honesty. I can say with out doubt that Mercedes, Helene and the rest of the team at Sansone Jr's Rent to Own value their customer's and exceed in provinding A+ customer service to each one. I would highly recommend anyone looking for new or used car to stop by and speak with the team at Sansone Jr's on RT66 in Neptune NJ.



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Best Experience Ever!

by Needed Help! from Neptune, NJ | December 13, 2012

This company is definitely top rated. They were all so helpful and went above and beyond to help me get into this rent to own program. Things have improved dramatically for me ever since I became a customer. Sidebar: Helene you are phenomenal and I know how hard you worked for me. For people who think you cannot get a car because you tried before and it didn't work - put that thought to the side and go to Sansone Jr. I have recommended them everywhere I go. Customer Service and Customer Satisfaction I will give them 5 Stars!




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Mercedes, Theresa,Sonia and yeah you too Rick

by DA aka spider hater from Toms River, NJ | October 5, 2012

My final experience was great but only thanks to my team listed above. ALL the others FORGET IT.My experience with the rent2own program turned out to be a success !!I entered the program for 6months at the end drove out in a brand new 2012 sentra with a payment I never expected to be so low ! I would and will highly recommend this program to anyone in need!! Thanks again to all my buddies minus the gigantic spider !!! HAHA you guys know ;)



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When everyone else tries to take advantage of you!

by GigiChris from Jackson, NJ | October 3, 2012

Just when you think there are no good people left to do business with.. you turn to Sansone Jr's 66 Automall and they are such an amazing group of people. First of all, the Rent to Own program is a wonderful program to help all people get the car they want. If you are on the fence, please give them a chance. The sales people, management, customer service department are all top notch. Don't go anywhere else. And if you have no issues with credit or you don't need the Rent to Own, then just buy a car from them! You will be so happy you did!



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Mercedes was Awsome!

by Deon Smith from Neptune, NJ | September 19, 2012

My Experience has been nothing but positive at this dealership. From the time I called until the moment all the paper work was done. Terry was very helpful when I called, He listen to me and was able to get me in the same night. When I came into the show room I met Mercedes who was very nice! She wasn't just trying to put me in any car either. She really takes your opinion in consideration. At other dealers they want to strong arm you in a certain vehicle but she did not do that. She advise me what vehicle they can put me in then ask what I would like. The next day when I came back she was very patient with me. I test drove two cars lol. It took me a min to decide but they were able to get me into a car of my choice. Helene was very nice as well. She is very efficient and wanted to make sure everything was ok. Helene also made sure I was able to get back to work so I didn't have to sit at the dealer all day so they were generous enough to give me a rental so I could pick my car up later after work. I am very pleased with my experience and every one was nice!



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mercedes is the best

by suv lover from lakewood nj | August 21, 2012

I went in just to ask questions about the program and got to meet Mercedes a wonderful person who help me pick out a sun for my family and didn't try and push anything on me and truly cared about my family best interest when I purchase any cars in the future it will only be from Mercedes she is a true asset to your company




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A Happy Customer

by Mustang from Keansburg, NJ | August 2, 2012

I recieved a Rent to Own flyer in the mail and went over to the dealer to see the specifics. I never thought in the end I would walk out with the car that I did, I am still amazed. Mercedes and Mike were incredible. Mercedes closed the deal for me and she was wonderful. Mercedes and Mike truly went out of their way to make things work.



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Traded my car.

by Veva Vee from Central, NJ | July 28, 2012

Hello my name in Vanessa and I reside in Central NJ. My father had given me a flyer for the Rent 2 Own program in Keyport, NJ for Sansone Jr's, because he knew that I had been trying to trade my car in for a while. I had a Mazda RX8 R3 Grand Touring and it was an amazing car that i really didn't want to let go, but I knew that I had to switch to a car that was overall more economical for my current state. I thought that it would be hard to let go of my Mazda that I loved... But the Rent 2 Own staff particularly Rick, Helene, and an out of state powerful team Amanda and her husband made the transition easy. They ultimately put me into a brand new AWESOME Nissan Sentra Special Edition. I had an amazing experience and loved the Customer Service, Charisma, Attitude, Personality and Patience of every person who worked with me there. I plan on getting all of my maintenance done at this establishment. I will also ABSOLUTELY recommend anyone who wants to buy, trade, finance, or lease a car to come and check out the Rent 2 Own staff at Sansone Jr's. I give my experience 5 out of 5 stars! Thanks guys. :)



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This was the best car buying experience I ever had

by Debbie from Neptune NJ 07753 | June 18, 2012

Dear Paul, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your amazing staff for all of your help. Life for me over the past year and a half has been very rough due to illness and job loss. And I have to tell you there were days when I thought things would never get better up to recently. And I am so grateful for people like you and your associates Joe, Theresa, Mike, Mercedes, and Sonia they made my car buying experience a real pleasure and its such amazing program that is going to help me get my life back on track I cant wait to see the results. I now look to the future with such optimism and joy and I know that things are going to be great. Sincerely, Debra White



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Route 66 Auto I had the car buying experience ever

by Debbie from Neptune NJ 07753 | June 16, 2012

Dear Paul, I just wanted to say thank you to you and your amazing staff for all of your help. Life for me over the past year and a half has been very rough due to illness and job loss. And I have to tell you there were days when I thought things would never get better up to recently. And I am so grateful for people like you and your associates Joe, Theresa, Mike, Mercedes, and Sonia they made my car buying experience a real pleasure and its an such amazing program that is going to help me get my life back on track I cant wait to see the results. I now look to the future with such optimism and joy and I know that things are going to be great. Sincerely, Debra White




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My Experience..........Priceless

by Madeline from jackson, nj | May 30, 2012

I would like to thank Helene, Mike, Theresa, Mercedes, Rick,Sonia, Terry, Eric, Daniel, Joe and the rest of the Sansone Family. I was really nervous and didn't think Id walk out with anything but they all worked together and found me something that would work for me and I love it:) I work at the Neptune Shop Rite and Helene comes in and we make sures she's in and out......treat ppl good and good things will happen. I truly appreciate everyones help and love everyone....for real!! Thanks again



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Rent 2 Own

by John H. from Middletown, NJ | May 16, 2012

I have been going to Sansone since 1992 and have recommended them to both friends and family. This service and the level of professionalism I experienced will keep me coming back. Like many others I was affected by this ecconomy and needed a car. Helene and the rest of the staff at Rent 2 Own made a difficult time easier. They were always pleasent and understanding. My time using this service lasted almost 10 months, but it was worth it. It has helped restore my credit and continues to do so.


One of a kind

by Shelly from Jersey City, New Jersey | May 10, 2012

Sansone pulled me out of a nightmare with Enterprise-Rent-A-Car out of Bayonne. 10 months into a 13 month rental with Enterprise, my credit card was mistakenly charged twice. My rental was booted one morning. My drivers license was suspended because they failed to debit my account for a meter ticket as initially agreed. Despite the proof of there error it was never refunded. I had no other choice but to file a claim. I rented from Enterprise because my credit was not established and denied from every bank for financing. I felt like I was thrown to the mud until a friend of mine suggested 866 rent to own a vehicle? Is it possible? I was thrilled of the thought but didn't believe it. But sure enough these people were extremely helpful. The genius behind this idea is a blessed man. I am greatful.. Proof of income was able to walk away with a decent looking vehicle with little money down. The service I received was sincere and amicable. Mercedes was my sales person, she is down to earth and made the whole process work smoothly. She was lovely. Keep up the good work! The entire staff was great. Beautiful. Thank you.



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The Best Service I have ever experience

by Lady J from New Jersey | April 5, 2012

From the first telephone conversation until the day I walked into the showroom, my overall experience was amazing. I felt special, care about, and understood. I fel as if joe Sonia anmd Mercedes were going to do all they know howo help me and they did. I got the car I wanted, the service I desired, and the overall kindness the every one desires. I was the thank Joe, Sonia adn Mercedes for all of there help. Jane Lovely-Minus

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by Judy O. from Waretown | March 1, 2012

I just want to begin by saying that if you think this opportunity of "Rent to Own" is too good to be true....well it is absolutely GOOD TO BE TRUE!!! It's GOOD because anyone who has been affected by the current economy now has an opportunity to purchase a fine car and feel good about themselves! I was skeptical like you about the program, but when it was explained to me that not only is my credit repairable, that I can actually leave the same day with a beautiful automobile, I was blown away! Kudos go out to the Staff, Ron, Donna, Helene and Mercedes....honestly, they made the experience WONDERFUL and so not stressful! So if you are thinking of purchasing a car and feel that you can't because of bad credit, please do not hesitate to see the Staff at Sansone Jr...they treat you like FAMILY!!!!

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Fabulous Opportunity

by Judy O from Waretown | March 1, 2012

I have to begin by saying, Thank you, Thank you and Thank you to the Staff of Sansone Rent 2 own program! Shout out to Ron, Donna, Michelle and Mercedes, you all have made this experience "one in a million". If you think that this program is to good to be true, well, I'm here to say that it is GOOD to be TRUE! In this ecomony we have all been affected one way or another. I, myself, had been a victim of "Bad things happen to good people" and because of this opportunity with Sansone, I have been "reborn" again! Yay! I absolutely recommend this program! I am soooo glad I did!

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The Most Pleasant Car Buying Experience!!!

by NavyGirl from North Jersey | February 24, 2012

First and foremost,I would like to thank MERCEDES,ERNESTO and JASON for going the distance so that I could go home(that Friday night)with a car.I came across several reviews about how Rent2Own program changed their lives.I never heard of such program before.Just like everyone else,I have gone through a tough time especially last year.For months I went to several dealerships and walking away humiliated and disrespected.I was already losing hope,not knowing how I will be able to get a car.I went to Sansone Jr's that Friday night,arriving an hour before they close.I was greeted by Mercedes and I told her my situation.She told me she will not allow me to go home without a car.I was thinking,how?I was introduced to Ernesto,who asked for what I was looking for in a car.He came back and told me that I may get a brand new car.I can't believe it,I asked him "seriously?"he said yes!I got emotional and started crying.Ernesto and Jason assured that it is a brand new car.Mercedes told me that hardship should not discriminate anyone from getting a car especially when you really need it.They are very professional,the whole process was no hassle.Also,as a member of the US Armed forces,I have never been treated more with respect.For anyone out there looking to buy a car and hoping to be treated right,go to Sansone Jr's.

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Rent 2 own!!

by junior from Ocean nj | January 30, 2012

Hello! My experience at Sansone Jr's automall on 1/29/12 was nothing short of AMAZING! From,Paul jr.,Joe,mercedes,Michelle!Everything was First Class and I was treated Excellent!They Truly want to help you!I would and will Recommend Paul Jr. and his AMAZING TEAM to anyone who needs a car and a No Hassle experience!!!Thank you Paul!!!!Willie L. Williams Jr.

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Rent 2 Own Program Lifesaver!

by SLRLady5 from Hackensack, NJ | January 25, 2012

A busted car and inaccurate information on my credit report had me caught between a rock and hard place. The Sansone Jr's Rent 2 Own program provided me with a way out when I didn't believe there was one. Everyone on the team was extremely helpful, courteous and friendly and genuinely took the time to work with me. A VERY SPECIAL THANK YOU to Mercedes who worked with me, waited until all my paperwork was done and even called me after I left to make sure that I had found my way home. That's what you call customer service.

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my dealer Mercedes

by the new me from neptune, nj | January 19, 2012

She was very nice and kind hearted. She listened to everything I had to say. So far, I have enjoyed working with her during the process of the rent to own program.